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Journal of Marketing

  • “Market Orientation, Creativity, and New Product Performance in High-Technology Firms,” April 2004 (with Subin Im).
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  • “A Configurational Approach on Key Account Management,” April 2002 (with Chris Homburg and Ove Jensen).
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  • “Marketing’s Influence within the Firm,” April 1999 (with Chris Homburg and Harley Krohmer).
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  • “Marketing Organization: An Integrative Framework of Dimensions and Determinants,” July 1998 (with Chris Homburg and Kjell Gruner).
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Journal of Marketing Research

  • “Marketing's Limited Role in New Product Development in One Computer Systems Firm,” November 1993 (single author).
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Strategic Management Journal

  • “Performance Impacts of Strategic Consensus: The Role of Strategy Type and Market-Related Dynamism,” April 1999 (with Chris Homburg and Harey Krohmer).
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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

  • “Intraorganizational Determinants of Key Account Management Effectiveness,” Winter 2003 (with Chris Homburg and Ove Jensen).
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  • “Fundamental Changes in Marketing Organization: The Movement toward a Customer-focused Organizational Structure,” Fall 2000 (with Chris Homburg and Ove Jensen). Winner of Sheth Foundation Best Paper Award for volume 28 of the journal.
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Journal of Business Research

  • “A Strategy Implementation Perspective of Market Orientation,” December 2004 (with Chris Homburg and Harley Krohmer).
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  • “Should Marketing Be Cross-Functional? Conceptual Development and International Empirical Evidence,” 2002 (with Harley Krohmer and Chris Homburg).
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Journal of Product Innovation Management

  • “Antecedents and Consequences of Creativity in Product Innovation Teams,” January 2013 (with Subin Im and Mitzi Montoya-Weiss).
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IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

  • “Engineering’s Interactions with Marketing Groups in an Engineering-Driven Organization,” May 1995 (single author).

Academy of Management Learning & Education

  • “Collaborating to Cheat: A Game Theoretic Exploration of Academic Dishonesty in Teams,” March 2013 (with Kristie Briggs and Anne York).
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Other Refereed Journal Articles

  • "Wikis in the Classroom: Opportunities and Challenges," Marketing Education Review, Spring 20008 (single author).
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  • Homburg, Christian, Harley Krohmer, and John P. Workman, Jr. (2000), “Strategischer Konsens: Konzeptualisierung und empirische Untersuchung eines komplexen Erfolgsfactors,” (Strategic Consensus: Conceptualization and Empirical Evidence on a Complex Success Factor), Die Unternehmung: Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur betriebswirtschafliche Forschung und Praxis, 54, 5, 351-369. (with Chris Homburg and Harley Krohmer).

  • “Machtstrukturen in Unternehmen: Bestandsaufnahme und systematische Erklärungsansätze für den Marketingbereich,” (“Power Structure in Organizations: Propositional Inventory and Empirical Evidence for the Marketing area”) Die Betriebswirtschaft, 60, 1 (January/February 2000 (with Chris Homburg and Harley Krohmer).

  • “Variations in the Power of Marketing between Consumer and Industrial Firms,” Journal of Business to Business Marketing, 1999 (with Kevin Webb).
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  • “Factors Contributing to Marketing’s Limited Role in Product Development in Many High-Tech Firms,” Journal of Market-Focused Management, 1998 (single author).
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  • “When Marketing Should Follow Instead of Lead,” Marketing Management, 1992 (single author).

  • “Use of Electronic Media in a Participant Observation Study,” Qualitative Sociology, 1992 (single author).
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